Disneydi Martinez or better known as Disney is a health and fitness entrepreneur based out of Miami Fl. For close to a decade now Disney along with her husband and business partner, hence the term Fitcouple have helped though sands of people transform themselves physically and mentally through their coaching and support. Disney has also inspired and continues to inspire millions throughout the different social media platforms and public speaking. As her influence continues to grow she hopes she can continue to be a source of inspiration and more importantly a role model for people, especially women worldwide. 

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Disney and Jorge have been a blessing for me and now my family. When I started working with them a few years back I was lost with no direction. My eating habits were horrible and as a result I was unhappy with the way I looked. Now as a mom of two myself I look and feel better than I did at 20. Their coaching and mentorship has played a fundamental role in my life in these last years. It has been life changing. 


Mom, Entrepreneur

I had been following Disney for some time and after speaking with her through Instagram one day I decided to get on her program and take her on as my coach and mentor. Originally I was just looking to tone up a bit and I knew having someone to hold me accountable would help. She has been guiding me for the last five years now and I couldn’t be more grateful. She has not only helped me look and feel amazing but even more important for me she has inspired me to become better in all aspects of my life.



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