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Smile even if you have to fake it: Science has discovered that smiling enhances your mood. Smile every day. The brain does not know if the smile is real or not. It just decodes from your facial muscles that you are happy. So, when you are in a bad mood just smile for a few seconds.

Meditate: Meditation will help you focus on the present and appreciate what´s good in your life. Be selective about who you share yourself with: Avoiding social toxicity is self-care. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself and respect your individuality.

Be your best friend: Be aware of how you talk to yourself. Use compassionate words of encouragement and appreciation. Find what you like about yourself and say it in front of the mirror. Be kind to yourself, always.

Celebrate small wins: no matter how slight an achievement may seem. Find a moment to celebrate it.


Positive thinking is not being unaware of difficulties or ignoring unpleasant experiences. It´s s all about how you embrace situations, thoughts, and emotions that come your way. If you practice living with a positive attitude, you will find something to be grateful for in every situation.  

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